About Us

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We are family owned and operated for generations, which has guided the strong foundation that Star Pharmacy Salinas was built on. Our family saw the loss of such an important community staple when Star Care Pharmacy closed, and we worked tirelessly to bring back the family owned and operated, local pharmacy that the community grew to love over so many years. Our family understands the difficulties involved with caring for long-term care patients. Our services were specifically designed to simplify the lives of caregivers, facilities, and families between medical care, counseling, education, gifts and more.

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Our dream is simple: Improve our patients' lives, one at a time. We aim to bring convenience and comfort to every one of our customers. From pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, wound care, and locally operated businesses providing their gifts for sale within our store, we aim to offer as much knowledge, consulting, and care as we possibly can. We continually aim to grow our offering, providing services that grow our community and make them healthier by having the latest technologies and products easily accessible and affordable for all.

Meet the Star Family

Russell Ostarello - Owner/ Pharmacist in Charge

Russell is a 2nd generation pharmacist who has been serving the community for over 40 years. His specialties include patient care, medication consulting and vaccinations. Russell’s ultimate goal is to provide exceptional service to all of our patients and customers.

Zach Ostarello – Intern Pharmacist

Zach is just finishing up his third year of Pharmacy School at Washington School of Pharmacy. He will become a 3rd generation Pharmacist and aspires to continue in his father’s and grandfather’s vision of providing reliable and personalized service as a locally owned and operated, independent pharmacist.

Janet Ostarello – Designer/Co-Owner

Janet’s creative passion, unique travel experiences, and interior design background has inspired and influenced the overall design and layout of Star Pharmacy & Gifts. Her vision is to provide exclusive, locally inspired gift items and healthy snack options as well providing one of a kind service that you cannot get at other retailers.

Yuliana Velez – Pharmacy Technician

Yuliana graduated from Boston Reed College in 2011. She is an important asset to the pharmacy, she keeps the flow of the pharmacy seamless, which helps provide patients with fast, accurate service. Yuliana is fluent in Spanish and loves serving her patients and giving the best care possible.

Jondy Lee – Operations Manager

Jondy manages the day to day operations on the retail side of the pharmacy. He has been working with durable medical equipment for over 10 years, which makes him an expert in the field. He is passionate and takes pride in servicing patients and customers who have questions and concerns regarding anything DME. His vast knowledge everything ranging from lift chairs to advanced wound care makes him a valuable key player to our Star family.

Mei-Hua Guajardo – Office Manager

Mei-Hua has been working for Romie Lane Pharmacy Inc for over 6 years. She moved over to Star Pharmacy & Gifts when it opened in June 2017. She is Russell’s right-hand person who handles all the day to day aspects of the business, including the Medicare and third-party billing. Mei-Hua is also the on staff licensed cosmetologist, who handles all of the ordering for the beauty area.

Star Clerks

Our Star Clerks are trained to provide the optimal customer service possible. Our ultimate goal is to help our patients and customers lives more comfortable, healthy and to make the shopping experience enjoyable.